APRIL 11, 2012

To heal lives with laughter and love.

Our Mission:
To reawaken the life giving power of Joy, through laughter and play.

Greetings Giggle Bugs,

We have some incredible news to announce! We have created a new event this year that is knocking the socks off of everyone who hears about it! It fulfills our mission and is becoming a terrific funraiser(*Fundraiser) for the project and creating Giggleboxes for our kids with cancer.


Giggleboxes is selling clown noses to businesses in Springfield, Mo for their employees, and businesses are selling noses for us, to the public,so everyone in town can celebrate our

Mayor's Proclamation of World Laughter Week, May 6th-12th

It's taking off like wild fire and we already have several major sponsors of the event lined up. It's all very exciting and fun.

Photo Contest, Too!

Giggleboxes is also sponsoring a Photo Contest and will be awarding prizes for the most fun-loving and heart-warming photos at the end of the week.

We invite all of you to join us, whether you are local or not. Get yourself a clown nose and wear it off and on that week and spread some Giggles!

Get Noses

Get involved by contacting us and getting your noses here at Giggleboxes. Just give us a call or email me and I'll get you all the noses and details.

Please forward this Gazette to your friends and any business folks you know, so we may get as many Giggling and Laughing May 6th-12th in Springfield, MO and beyond for Kids with Cancer.

Love ya all,
Keep Laughin' and Lovin',
Susan J. Dempsey
Executive Director