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"The Giggle Box Project"
First of all we owe you an apology for not keeping in touch better with our friends! Although I am pretty sure none of you missed receiving another email, you still may have been curious about where we went and what was happening, if anything!
For that we apologize and have no excuse other than time and money! And who doesn't have those excuses.  We all seem to have either not enough of those two or so much of both that how to spend them becomes the issue!

Our hope for you is that your problems include the latter!   
So, No excuses!

 Most Importantly,
We at Giggleboxes wish you the
Happiest of Holiday Seasons and All Our Love!

This holiday season, which many of us believe begins with the onset of Thanksgiving, actually has much deeper and more ancient roots that we rarely consider.

I believe these roots run through each and everyone of us and are easily rekindled, especially during this time of year. They seem to run just under the surface of our day to day hustle and bustle to find the perfect gift, prepare the perfect pie, decorate just right.

It only takes a simple unexpected act of kindness from a stranger, or even a Hallmark commercial to trigger this resurgence of deep inner connection and knowing of each other's heart.

This is our forgotten birthright! And we share this birthright with all others, as humans together on this planet, in this galaxy, and floating through this unfathomable expanse of universe.

We may feel so alone, small and unimportant considering the vastness of universes and yet when we remember, we are all in this together, fellow travelers, each finding our way. In that remembering, miracles happen when we take just a moment to show each other the kindness and respect due another daring explorer, floating through space and time, our world becomes a little closer, a little brighter, a little more peaceful and a lot more joyful.

We then make our home the kind of place
we All want to live!

So, take advantage of these roots buried deep in your ancestral memories this holiday season. Let them bubble to the surface and lend a hand, tip your hat or give a nod and a smile to a fellow traveler simply discovering their own way through this glorious universe.

Who knows, you just might change someone's life forever, so they never feel all alone, and unimportant ever again.
And that won't hurt any of us!

So have a Happy, Happy Holiday within this
Great Big, Wild and Crazy Family that is all Ours!

Love, Susan Dempsey

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Now on to what's up, what's coming up
and what's been up since Spring!

What's Up with Giggleboxes???

Much is afoot at the Giggle Box Project Office these days! Of course, we are in the middle of our year-end giving campaign. You know, that time of year when all non-profits take the opportunity to remind you of approaching tax-time and that your last chance to avoid them is at hand,(taxes that is!). It's also the time to remember what this holiday season is all about.
We at Giggleboxes are not any different in that regard.
One way we might be a little different is by working hard to come up with ways in which you can have fun while doing both.

(Touch two stones with one playful bird,so to speak)
So, Here it is!

Catch Santa in the Act!

December 24th, Santa has agreed to let Giggleboxes know right before he gets to your house, so we can let you know, and you can wake the kids for a sleepy eyed spotting of the man himself! Yes that's right, Santa has jumped on the Giggle Bus to help us reawaken the magic of the season for young and old kids, alike!

The Catch......
$150.00 donation brings Santa to your home
and to the home of a family in greater need
on Christmas Eve.
(Sorry, only in Springfield MO this year!)
For those of you out of town, we have had some donors so far, request that two homes be visited for those in need, instead of coming to their house.
Locally, we will connect with you prior to Christmas Eve and pick up your child's Special Santa packages, wrapped and tagged, and then between 8pm and 7am we will call you just before we arrive.
Your job, wake the kids up just enough, so they get to see Santa delivering their presents and maybe eating a cookie or two, and then we are off again to the next home!

If you'd like to play with us bringing back the magic, please let us know ASAP as Santa can only be in so many places at once!
You can email for more info.
Please put
"Catch Santa" in the subject line!

Thanks so much!
and Happy Happy!

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Click Here Spread Healing Joy and Donate Today!
What's Coming Up for Giggleboxes!

Beginning in January the Giggle Box Project
will begin delivering Giggleboxes to the
families that go through the
Child Advocacy Center here in SW Missouri!

The Giggle Box Project and the Child Advocacy Center are working together to give Giggleboxes to the 1200+ families they serve every year from our area. This is an effort to begin the process of relieving the pain of abuse that each family has suffered and open the door to a more positive perspective!

We are creating a new family box filled with fun stuff for the whole family.Bringing them together and reawakening their natural sense of Joy, well-being and connection is the goal.

We are so excited about this opportunity to be of service to these families at such a turning point for the rest of their lives.

Although we are thrilled to be able to brighten these hearts and perhaps make a real difference at a major turning point in their lives, we are also facing the logistical world of stepping up from delivering 100 Giggleboxes a year to our hospitalized kids, to now, 1300 Giggleboxes a year. A huge leap of faith is required and we need all your support to keep us keeping on!
In thought, word and deed!

How you can help!

Each Gigglebox costs approximately $25 to produce and deliver.
That's over $32,000 just for boxes and contents for these kids alone and doesn't include any operating and overhead costs. We did really well in our Give Ozarks campaign toward this end, and raised a whopping $3500 in one day! A great start and we thank many of you for participating back in May.

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

Stepping up to this extent includes the need for some additional part-time paid office staff. Susan is keeping up the best that she can and is thrilled to be receiving the $500 a month stipend we have been paying her since last September, but honestly, she deserves a raise and needs help!

We have started purchasing the toys, games and creative fun stuff for the boxes and currently have almost $12,000 in inventory, so we are almost half way there.

But, we still have a ways to go. Please search your hearts and empty your change jars. Put your pennies and quarters to good use by helping us reawaken the life-giving power of Joy for these kids and helping to break this generational cycle. Perhaps a monthly giving plan that's affordable for you.
Thank You!
You Are Loved!

What's Been Up with Giggleboxes since Spring???

Since this Gazette edition has gotten so long, we thought it might be best to show you a picture story of our events since May!  But First.......

The first week of May included both our annual Fun*raiser "Take Your Nose to Work Week" as well as the "Give Ozarks" Event. Great Thanks go out to our wonderful Nose Posers this year, Dr. John Bentley, Francine Pratt and Dr. John Jungmann
. They will probably be the last! We wish to thank all our other sponsors as well, like Village Inn Restaurants, Mama Jean's Markets, Wickman's Gardens, Hood's Restaurant, Starbucks, the UPS Store on South National, Denis' Place, Mercy Hospital Auxillary and Family Pharmacy! It was a good run!
With the National campaign for Red Nose Day taking place at the same time, we have decided to move on and leave the red noses to them.
We did consider holding a brown nose day, but it doesn't quite have the same feel!
So we will move on to something even more fun!
We Thank All of Springfield and You for being such a great support during this event in the past and know we will discover something you will all enjoy just as much! It was fun, wasn't it?


Two of the kids that received
 Giggleboxes this year!
We don't often get pictures to share with all the HIPPA stuff.

Spring Events
May and June included our visit to the Easter Seals Midwest "Walk with Me" and our return to the June Bug Jamboree. Thanks again to Easter Seals for inviting us and forgiving the Bus malfunction! The VW Groove Club deserves applause for all their work on our behalf and an awesome fun time!

Board Retreat

We gained 5 new Board Members this year, De DeArmon, Mike Bruns, Rose Utley, Kate Spangler, Kathleen Dowell and Jessica Hart and we were blessed to spend the weekend of June 26th and 27th at a gorgeous place up on Lake of the Ozarks for our board retreat.
Our Lodging Donor wishes to remain anonymous,
but I can tell you we titled the retreat,
"The I Love Lucy Retreat."
(eat your hearts out!)

Holy Cow Batman! You're cute! Let's play with
Frolic Magazine!
Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha!!!  Laughter rang out through Playshops by Giggleboxes during the Natural Healing Arts Fair in August! (Sorry no photos of the playshops.
What happens in a playshop, stays in a playshop!)
Ho Ho Ho!

And then came Wickmans,


Oh wait... Someone broke into the bus! Now what do we do?
The Show Must go on, Thank God for Duct tape.
We are on to Wickman's......
It doesn't look like much, but the door wouldn't stay shut!

(All is still in process, fixing the Bus that is. Apparently new doors and locks for 1974 Airstream Motor Homes are not in great demand or supply! But Progressive and Reliable RV are coming through and all will soon be well. Yeah! We will be back on the road.)

Ahhh Wickman Gardens Fall Fest, the best!

Special Thanks to Wickman's for choosing us as their charity of choice and the awesome container gardens we raffled off, as well as all our volunteers; MSU Student Nurses Association, Garland and Sprinkles the clowns, Karen Lowry and De DeArmon for face-painting and the rest of the Giggle Box Board for doing whatever was asked! A fun and productive weekend, thousands of smiles and laughter and over $2000 in donations! We love you,Wickman's!

Spooktrunkular came this year with the Bus still in the shop,
so we made due with the Giggle Bug's Cocoon home!



Thank You Unity of Springfield for inviting us to join in
your Holiday Bazaar this year!
It was fun and busy weekend with returning to
Frolic Magazine's Winter event as well!
Santa even dropped by to share our
"Catch Santa" opportunity!
Both events were awesome places to introduce our
new Dash-Reflections!

What is a Dash-Reflection you ask?

They come in several different phrases:
I am Loved, I am So Blessed, I am Healthy, Whole and Strong, Everything Works Out for Me, My Life is Awesome, and
I Choose to Live in Easy World.
They are one of the new items going into the Giggleboxes for adults and
also available to you!
Great Stocking Stuffers and gifts for a $5 donation each,
plus $2.50 shipping for up to 5 at a time.
Email soon and
let her know how many you want!
Please put Dash-Reflection in the subject line.

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Other ways you can help spread Joy!

NEEDS LIST  (You can donate items or money to buy them!)

  • Office/ Event Volunteers
  • Accountant
  • Attorney
  • 700 Small Happy Pills
  • 1300 self-inflating mini Whoopee cushions
  • 1300 Wind-up toys
  • Electrical  and Interior Make-over for the Giggle Bus


The Giggle



Mercy Hospital, Kum & Go Stores
Community Foundation of the Ozarks
Lamar Advertising, Project XXI
Wickman's Gardens
BELLY LAUGHERS ($1000-2499)
                            Riki Lipe                              
Suzette Clayton
SRC Corporation
Village Inn Restaurants
Hoods Restaurant
Anonymous (3)
Family Pharmacy
Jecobie Roberts
Ann Marie Rausch
CHUCKLERS ($250-999)
Harry Sparks,Mercy Auxiliary Gift Shop,
Denis' Place, Jumpmania
Mama Jeans Markets, KTXR
Wesley United Methodist, University Heights Baptist
Unity of Springfield, McSalty's Pizza
Hiland Dairy, Jackson Brothers Catering
Aleshire Robb PC, Skinny Improv Theater
Tag Magazine

GIGGLERS ($100-249)

Doug Brenaman, UPS Store S. National
Masterminds of Business
Ozark Empire Fairgrounds Foundation
Empowerma Music, Springfield Hospitality Club
Tom Kelley's 1st Choice Auto, Stephanie Sawdey
Carla Bass, Dee Albers Photography
Sandra King, Guen Page Photography
Silver Gypsy, David Zuhlke
Martin Stein, Cheryl Sallwasser
Carrie Jouflas, John Eichenlaub
Sunlight Window Well Systems, LLC
Mary & Dwane Koppler, Bush, Ramlow & Shore PC
Liberty Press,  Carol Jones Realty
Anne Magoun,  Carol & Michael Jehle
Michael Childress,Bob Heiffner
Teresa Kysor,  Irish Festival Assoc.
Robert Gray, Chris James
Hamels Foundation, Groove
Tom Long, Anonymous
Karen Lowry, Garland Owens
De DeArmon, Spangle the Clown
Sprinkles & Company, Past Yer Funnybone
Sunbeam the Clown, Sonshine D. Clown
Chopper the Clown, Daisy the Clown
Remember, unless we love ourselves, we have nothing to give to another. Appreciation of what is, is the key.
You can do it!
Be Gentle with Yourself and Enjoy.
Love, Hugs and Happy Holidays from All of us at Giggleboxes,

The Giggle Box Project Team

Here's your treat for reading all the way!

P.S.Special Thanks to Project XXI for handling our web site! Couldn't do it without you John!
PSS. Drop us a check and tell us your laughter story.

701 S. Kentwood
Springfield, MO


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