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A Family who Plays together, stays together! A Whole Giggle Box $95


Get One for a Family You Love!

Our Gigglebox contents change continually as we grow and stay current with new toys and the classics. Below is a list of items. It will be packed full of fun for the whole family. $95 

  • Self-inflating Whoopee Cushion & Clown Noses 
  • Happy Pill 
  • Wind-up Toy
  • "Happy Healthy Me" CD
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • YoYo 
  • Slam Jammer
  • Kids Playing Cards
  • Matchbox Car & Kazoo
  • Splat Ball & Fuzzy Face
  • Colored Pencils
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Crayons & Markers
  • Kid & Adult Color Books
  • Inspirational Word Find
  • Chinese Handcuffs
  • Stuffed Toy or Puppet
  • Dash-Reflection for Car
  • Compassion Card (Avatar®Course)  

Uplifting Fun Songs for Kids of All Ages. "Happy Healthy Me" CD $15


An instant pick me up for whenever you need a boost!

We can't thank the artists enough that donated their songs for this compilation CD of uplifting fun songs for Kids of All ages that comes in every Giggle Box. Please check out the artist's other amazing music.The CD and MP3 versions are available at Empowerma Music and Arts .  Or you can purchase a CD directly from Giggleboxes. If you would like a  dozen or more as gifts or to retail, we can get those to you at a quantity price. Just let us know. Special Thanks to Ray Toney and Marge Hand for the use of  their title, "Happy Healthy Me" and Ann Marie Rausch for her incredible artwork. 

Dash Reflections-- Prevent Road Rage for Yourself! $5


A Giggle Box Project creation- Just for You! 

These are 3"x 12" foam pads that lay, not stick, on the dashboard of your car. They reflect a positive uplifting message to keep you feeling good while driving! We have several different sayings in stock and one goes in each Giggle Box. 

  • I Am So Blessed
  • Everything Works Out For Me
  • I Am Loved
  • My Life is Awesome
  • Things Are Always Working Out For Me

They are black with your choice of different colored letters; pink, turquoise, yellow, green, white and beige. I keep several in a pile on my dash and change them up now and then.They can get like bathroom mirror post-a-notes and you don't see them after a while. Hopefully you can tell by the picture above, they don't interfere with your line of sight at all. 

Get Your Own Giggle Bug Soon!


Clown Noses ---(Dozen) $10


A Nose by any other name, is still a Nose!

These are your basic Red Foam Clown Nose, 2" in diameter. I keep one in my car for traffic jams to just  be plain silly sometimes and lighten the mood of others in the cars around me. You might even want to pretend your picking it! Hah! After they've been used up as noses, they make great cat toys, except when you step on one on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

Get Your Giggle On or Off as Needed --Happy Pills! $5


Giggles Galore for All   Within Ear Shot!

You can't help but giggle yourself when you push the heart spot on these fun little plush toys and hear the Child's laughter coming out of this soft and cuddly toy! 

My Grandson played with his from 12 months on. My daughter actually washed it once in the machine and it still worked! Amazing huh? No guarantees on that though!

Packed Full of Fun and Inspiration!

We do charge minimal shipping on all orders. 

All proceeds go back into the Giggle Box Project so we can continue Spreading Joy, Laughter and Connection to All! 

Thanks so much for helping! 

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